27 Ekim 2006

Willie McDougall'ın teşekkürü...

Hürriyet gazetesindeki bir habere göre
"UEFA Güvenlik Görevlisi Willie McDougall, siyah beyazlı kulübe teşekkür ve övgü mektubu gönderip, "BJK İnönü Stadı’nda gerçekten sıradışı bir deneyim yaşadım. Atmosfer ve taraftarların davranışları mükemmeldi" dedi.

""I just thought I would take the opportunity to express my pleasure following my appointment as UEFA’s Security Officer at your recent Fixture on 19 October.
I witnessed a unique experience at your Stadium and the atmosphere and behaviour of your supporters was excellent. Having between 1994 and 2005 been responsible for the Scottish Supporters of our National Team (The Tartan Army) I am aware of the importance of supporters taking on their responsibility for their own behaviour. It was quite clear to me that Besktas have encouraged that policy and from the Policing/Private Security/Stewards and Control Room Staff there is a desire to make your Stadium and games an unforgettable experiece.
The behaviour and attitude of your supporters was exemplary and the manner in which they accepted defeat and achnowledged the performance of Tottenham will be with me for many years.
If supporters take and accept that pride in their team and culture then all Football Stadia throughout UEFA would be a joy to behold.
My thanks to the Club,all Safety and Security Personnel but above all to your supporters for a tremendous experience.

Best of good fortune for the rest of the Competition.
Willie McDougall
UEFA Security Officer""

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