7 Temmuz 2012

"CAS upholds UEFA decision to ban Beşiktaş from European Competition

CAS upholds UEFA decision to ban Beşiktaş from European Competition
Boxscore News
Beşiktaş were investigated by UEFA for misleading them in the second and third quarters of 2011, non-payment of players wages and ruled that they violated articles of the recently implemented financial fair play regulations. Eskisehirspor will replace

Eskişehirspor to replace Beşiktaş in Euro League
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
Eskişehirspor will replace Beşiktaş in the Europa League, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport

Sports highest court dismisses Besiktas appeal
San Francisco Chronicle
The Court of Arbitration for Sport on Friday upheld UEFA's May 30 decision to suspend Besiktas for violating "financial fair play" regulations. Bestikas was sanctioned for breaching financial licensing rules which require that all salaries and transfer

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