15 Eylül 2014

"Çarşı unites against accusation of coup attempt

Çarşı unites against accusation of coup attempt
Supporters of the Beşiktaş football fan club, Çarşı, continue to denounce a new indictment arising from the anti-government protests of last summer ...

New indictment accuses Gezi protestors, including Çarşıleaders, of coup attempt
Among the protestors are leaders of the well-known Beşiktaş fan group, Çarşı. TheÇarşı group was a formidable force throughout the protests.

TAHA AKYOL > The crime of an attempted coup
In the indictment prepared for the football fan club çArşı, life sentences are demanded for 35 defendants, for the crime of attempting to stage a coup.

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