26 Nisan 2006

"Scuffle at BJK İnönü Stadium"

According to TDN, "Sivasspor players claimed that one Beşiktaş player on Sunday took out his frustration at losing 1-0 at home by throwing some punches in the crowded tunnel leading to the locker rooms at BJK İnönü Stadium after the match. The incident involved a scuffle between Beşiktaş player Okan and Sivasspor's Hakkı, who said that “everyone saw what happened.”
I can at least be happy for the fact that there are fewer scuffles happening in İnönü this year. We witnessed more than enough defeats to accept our misery at home...

Mercimek in BJK

Despite all zeal for Beşiktaş, you might be surprised how ignorant I am about Turkish football and even about BJK. I don't know for instance if BJK has a very special transfer unit whose equal cannot be found in other major teams. They did it again. Today we heard that Baki Mercimek a defender from Gençlerbirliği will be playing for BJK next season. BJK is a big transfer machine whose turnover rate is unequalled. Unfortunately, it is not a very efficient one. The round ball announces the news through the eyes of Ankara football fans.

25 Nisan 2006

In the beginning, there was Beşiktaş!

Among a thousand of blogs, here is yet another one. My musings on my beloved Beşiktaş Football Team from Istanbul, Turkey. In one of her worst seasons, I am determined to be in her side... Let's see what I can do here.